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Hangar Door Design

Generally, hangar door design describes and identifies the characteristics of the door system and how it is installed and mounted, special requirements it may have, how it is to operate, and often will include an artist's renderings or other images to help visualize the finished installation and significant unique components.

Creative Concepts Construction Company has a unique and highly specialized knowledge of Hangar Doors and we have become an industry leader in the rehab, overhauling, and modernization of older doors and the implementation of creative modifications for unique applications.

We can help you visualize your ideas through our design process and get it into a picture you can print and review.

While hangar door design usually is generated from a set of requirements and/or specifications, if you don't already have the specs you need to provide the design parameters we can help with that, too. For an existing hangar, consider starting with our Hangar Door Field Survey (below).

Beyond the design process, we are highly qualified to do all of the rest of the steps to transform the design into a real, finished door system that you can see and touch... and finally push the buttons to make it open and close to protect and secure your aircraft.

Hangar Door Consulting

Generally, Hangar Door Consulting includes one or more of the services associated with these types of work:

  • Hangar Door Field Survey
  • Hangar Door Design
  • Hangar Door Engineering
  • Hangar Door CAD Drawings

Creative Concepts Construction Company has done and continues to do all phases of Hangar Door Field Surveys, Hangar Door Design, Hangar Door Engineering and Hangar Door CAD Drawings.

We are pleased and proud to have done this work for some of the biggest names in modern aviation. This includes installation of doors manufactured by other companies, and our own manufactured-on-site new hangar doors.

Please see our Hangar Door Portfolio for more info.

Hangar Door CAD Drawings

CAD (computer aided design) drawings are electronic files that represent in electronic form the architectural and engineering elements of an object.

Hangar Door CAD Drawings are fundamentally no different than most other CAD drawing files. They are precise and can be saved, shared, transmitted, revised again and again, enlarged, reduced, layered, inter-fit with other CAD drawing objects, colored, copyrighted and printed.

In some cases CAD drawing attributes can be used to develop input for computerized machine tools, such as a computer controlled milling machine.

When CAD drawings are completed and approved they can be used to help create estimates of materials quantities and labor.

Creative Concepts Construction Company develops CAD drawings from engineering specs, and can send and receive CAD drawings via our FTP server.

Hangar Door Field Survey

A Hangar Door Field Survey includes a first-hand observation of an existing hangar to repaired, upgraded, or to be re-fit with new doors, or a new hangar under construction. Usually, a field survey is conducted by a structural engineer.

Likely this visit will also include laser measurments of door openings and door mounting areas of an existing structure, along with detailed photographs of the project at hand. It could also include discussions with local hangar staff to help clearly identify problems or clarify design concerns for hangar door replacement or new installations.

The Hangar Door Field Survey information then becomes a written account documenting the observations and measurments and will include the photos taken to become a report of the condition of the door and/or door-opening, and other relevant factors observed or learned for the project being considered.

The finished field survey is then usually forwarded to the engineering personnel for consideration in their part of the project.

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