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Hangar door types glossary

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Descriptions of aircraft hangar door types and photographs from some of our hangar door projects.

Bi-Parting Sliding Hangar Door

The bi-parting configuration of the bottom rolling hangar doors is such that the door opens from the middle and can have anywhere from one section to numerous door sections on each side. Each leading door section has an electric motor drive system. The non-powered door sections are interconnected to the leading door section. When open, the door sections stack in the two side corners of the hangar.

Uni-Directional Hangar Door

Instead of the door sections opening to each side like the bi-parting system, the unidirectional hangar door system opens in just one direction, either to the left or to the right. The leading door section is motor operated.

Independently Operated Hangar Door

Each door section is independently motor operated.

Tip Up Door

A single leaf door that can be 120' long and 32' tall. The door tips up to a horizontal position. It operates via a counterweight which is of the equal weight of the door leaf and is attached by the appropriate size wire rope. The door leaf is guided by the jamb track and the appropriate number of horizontal top tracks which are perpendicular to the door. A floor mounted motor/operator assists in moving the counterweight and door up and down.

Horizontal Bi-Folding Hangar Door

This type of door has two horizontal leaves that are hinged together in the middle. They are typically hoisted up via steel cables or nylon straps attached to a long shaft/motor drive system. The can also be hydraulically operated.

Hydraulic Single Leaf Hangar Door

Are a one piece tip up door that operate with hydraulic rams rather than counterweights.

Vertical Lift Door

Vertical Lift doors travel up and down are available in single and multi-panel configurations depending on the door size and available headroom. They are attached to steel cables and a counterweight.

Craneway Door

Craneway doors are designed for efficient access of overhead cranes and their loads. Craneway doors are hinged at the top of the header and swing up and in, allowing the crane to pass under it.

Vertical Bi-Folding Door

This type of door is made up of vertical sections that are hinged together at the jamb and between door leaves. The door moves horizontal by means of a top guide track. The door can have a motor/operator drive system to automate controlling the door movement.

Top Hung Sliding Door

Top Hung Sliding door comes in multiple configurations including bi-parting, multi-panel and single slide. They can be manual operated or motorized.

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