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We claim aircraft hangar door installation experience
because we have it. From the ground, up.

Since 1987, Creative Concepts Construction Company's history is of continuous, documentable, successful and finished-on-time hangar door installation projects and related contractual work for the Military, municipal airports and private hangar owners.

Please visit our Hangar Door Project Portfolio to see how we have helped our Customers. Likely you will find a hangar door project all ready completed that is similar to your needs.

Through our experience and variety of hangar door projects - and climates - we have developed a body of knowledge of what works, what doesn't, and why.

While we have gone to great lengths to show you our projects and finsished work on this website, it can't show you what we have learned from doing the work.

We would love the opportunity to discuss your hangar door project with you.

Take advantage of our hangar door design, consulting and engineering skills before we do your installation.


Hangar door installation

Creative Concepts Construction Company is a preferred installer for several hangar door manufacturers. This doesn't just happen: It's because we do it right and work directly with the door vendors on the details. This makes the vendor look good, and most importantly - makes your door project look and function its best.

There are also the added benefits of fewer repairs needed in the future and minimized required service and scheduled maintenance.

Our work technique emphasizes safety first, and features full attention to detail and getting it right the first time for all phases of hangar door installation, service and repair work. We know you don't get to stay in this business by failing those concerns.

Even with scores of successful aircraft hangar door jobs completed and repeat customers, we still demonstrate these things on every job... and are happy to do so.

Hangar door Service and Repair

When hangar door service or repairs are needed, we are available to perform the work or oversee the work - per your requirements. We also perform aircraft hangar door warranty service work and repairs for any reason including accidental damage.

Hangar door parts and related electrical and mechanical work are also available. Please contact us with your requirements or for guidance and recommendations.

Aircraft hangar door Design and Consulting

If you are in search of aircraft hangar door design or consulting - we do that, too. In addition to our field surveys, we frequently create, view and modify CAD drawing files per customer design requirements or as needed. We also have an FTP server for transferring electronic drawing files and other requirements documents. Please contact us directly for more information.

"A" list Clients. "A" list workmanship.

Completed projects:

Hangar door and industrial door projects for the US Air Force,
US Navy, US Army, US Coast Guard, National Guard,
ConocoPhillips, Gulfstream and several Municipal Ports and
private commercial customers

Creative Concepts Construction Company can provide:

Hangar Door Installation

  • bi-fold doors
  • bi-parting bottom rolling hangar doors
  • Bottom rolling aperture hangar door
  • braced canopy tip-up doors
  • Counter weighted tip-up tail doors
  • fourfold doors
  • hydraulic tip up door
  • hydraulically operated bi-folding doors
  • motorized bi-parting bottom rolling hangar door
  • multi-directional hangar door
  • southern stacking bi-parting bottom rolling hangar door
  • Tip Up counterweighted Hangar Doors
  • Tip Up hydraulically operated Hangar Doors
  • tri-parting bottom rolling hangar doors
  • unidirectional bottom rolling hangar door
  • Vertical Lift Doors

Hangar Door Repair & Service

  • bottom rail track
  • bottom wheels
  • brakes
  • cables
  • controls
  • corrosion control
  • counter weights
  • counter weight towers
  • door pick-up plate
  • door pick up system
  • electrical systems
  • explosion proof operator
  • hydraulics
  • Mechanical Upgrades
  • motors
  • opening cushion vinyl cover
  • operating systems
  • picking eyes
  • safety edges
  • side rollers
  • sheaves
  • siding
  • structural bracing & reinforcing
  • top rollers
  • vehicle damage
  • weather seals
  • weather-stripping
  • more

Creative Concepts Construction Company

Hangar Door and Industrial Door Specialist
Repair - Service - Installation - Design - Consulting – Replacement

Hangar Door rehab, overhauling, installation, modernization of older doors and the implementation of creative modifications for unique applications.

We are a full service hangar door company and have been engaged in service and installation of hangar doors since 1987.

Whether your hangar or industrial building project requires door repair, door service, door installation, door design, door consulting or door replacement - let our experience be your trusted source for all phases of your door project.

Creative Concepts Construction Company has developed an excellent working relationship over the years with Hangar Door Manufacturers and we are a certified representative for sales and installation. We also handle requests for field reports, surveys, specifications, and design drawings.

Over the course of many years of exclusively working on Hangar Doors we have developed a unique and highly specialized knowledge of Hangar Doors and have become an industry leader in the rehab, overhauling, and modernization of older doors and the implementation of creative modifications for unique applications.

Creative Concepts Construction Company

Hangar and Industrial Door Specialist
Consulting – design – installation

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